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Riley [stories From A Crossroads Demon 3] (siren Publishing Allure Manlove)

RRP $19.99

Riley [Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA] Riley works in a BDSM club in hopes of finding his perfect Master but he starts to notice that the Doms want nothing to do with him. And some of them, including his dream man, Master Blade, start to abuse and degrade him. Riley is confused by the loathing they show him and turns to the Crossroads Demon for help. He asks for his perfect Master. When even his bargain with the demon doesn't seem to be working, Riley gets desperate and accepts an offer from his boss, Stuart, to train under him to become the perfect sub. Still, the Doms ignore him as others begin to mistreat and humiliate him. So Riley decides to walk away from his boss, the club, and the lifestyle. Can Dantalion help Riley to see that what he desires is right there, laid out before him, in hopes of Riley finding redemption? Or will Riley walk away from the life he desire's, damning his soul to hell forever? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Reading At A Crossroads?

RRP $352.99

The Internet is transforming the experience of reading and learning-through-reading. Is this transformation effecting a radical change in reading processes as readers synthesize understandings from fragments across multiple texts? Or, conversely, is the Internet merely a new place to use the same reading skills and processes developed through experience with traditional print-based media? Are the changes in reading processes a matter of degree, or are they fundamentally new? And if so, how must reading theory, research, and instruction adjust?

This volume brings together distinguished experts from the fields of reading research, teacher education, educational psychology, cognitive science, rhetoric and composition, digital humanities, and educational technology to address these questions. Every question is not answered in every chapter. How could they be? But every contributor has many thoughtful things to say about a subset of these important questions. Together, they add up to a comprehensive response to the issues the field faces as it approaches what may well be-or not -a crossroads. A website devoted to extending discussion around the book in creative (and disjunctive) ways [] moves it beyond the printed page.

A-le-en Hedz (alien Heads) Gear 50 Page Lined Pocket Notebook

RRP $14.99

a-Le-en Hedz (Alien Heads) gEAR Notebook THE SUPPLIES, TOOLS, AND GEAR YOU NEED FOR THAT SPECIAL PURPOSE!!! a-Le-en Hedz (Alien Heads) gEAR Notebook is a 50 page lined notepad that can be used for whatever need you would like. It's a scratchpad. It's a journal. It's a diary. It's a pocket sketchbook. The size of this notebook is 5x8 and has a stylish a-Le-en Hed on the front cover. This notebook series also come with many different collectible emoji expressions of the a-Le-ens on the front cover. So now you can be the one getting attention of your peers for being very hip. These pocket notebooks also make great holiday gifts and definitely great stocking stuffers for the perfect Christmas gift. So go on and collect these fun and unique a-Le-en Hedz gEAR 50 page lined notebooks today and be the one in your group to be Out Of This World!!!


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