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Beyond The Campus

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This book explores how the authors approached the issue of community development in the context of competing interests and a differential power imbalance. They used a process-based model for supporting community transformation, a phenomenon in which university-community partnership is but one example.

The people who will want to read and use Beyond the Campus are faculty (e.g., executive coaches and consultants), staff, and action-focused researchers seeking to learn how to enhance their relationships with community leaders (e.g., principals, executive/programme directors, teachers and parents) in urban educational settings.

Technology Campuses And Cities

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This thesis examines the development of technology campuses as built environments and their role in stimulating innovation. Technology campuses entail a variety of built environments developed to accommodate technology-driven research activities of multiple organisations. The science park is the most common type of technology campus. Other types include the campuses of universities of technology and corporate R&D parks.
Governments, universities and R&D companies are investing billions of euros in developing the infrastructure that will not only support their core processes, but will help them to remain competitive by attracting and retaining the best talent. Part of these investments are targeted to develop new buildings or entire areas that often result in campuses as we know them: a concentration of buildings accommodating organisations, people, and their activities in a (green) field.
The assumption that the concentration of research activities in one location stimulates innovation is promoting the development of technology campuses in many places. However, the capacity of these built environments to support the different processes associated with innovation is not well understood - i.e. Technology campuses are urban areas in the inner city and peripheral locations that have the capacity to support the processes of knowledge creation and diffusion, as well as of attracting and retaining knowledge workers. The existent knowledge about the relationship between the built environment and innovation at the area level is limited. This knowledge gap may lead to inefficient use of the resources employed to develop technology campuses including capital, land, and time. Also, this lack of understanding can have the opposite effect, because technology campuses could easily become problematic areas dealing with vacancy, poor spatial quality, and connectivity issues frustrating the societal goal of a racting and retaining talent in the knowledge economy. A potential way to address these problems is outlining the ways in which the built environment stimulates innovation in technology campuses.
In this context, this research addresses as main question 'How does the built environment stimulate innovation in technology campuses?' This research is grounded in the field of corporate real estate management and its theoretical assumption that the built environment is a resource managed to support the goals of organisations. Research in this field has focused on the practice of real estate management from the end user's view. Campus development is a comprehensive form of this practice, because it deals with activities that vary from developing real estate strategies, developing building projects, up to maintaining and managing the portfolio of an organisation.
This research provides an understanding of the relationship between the built environment and innovation at the area level. This research developed knowledge clarifying such relationship in the form of a conceptual model and recommendations for practitioners involved in the practice of campus development.

A Students Guide To Adjusting To Campus Life

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This eBook will show you methods and techniques to cope with campus life. Your first year in college can be a period loaded with new and energizing encounters. It can likewise move you in ways you could possibly anticipate. So you're heading off to college brimming with good faith. Or you've begun, and now the vacation is over. On the other hand, you're headed and brimming with fear. Your psyche is loaded with inquiries like: Will I make companions? Will I have the capacity to keep up in classes? Will I coexist with my flat mate? Well you're not alone. Nearly all new students are worried like you and it is for good reason: First year of college is a time of great change and adjustment How one juggles life occasions and scholarly necessities can influence one's involvement in college. Research has demonstrated that students who alter well to their tertiary surroundings have better odds of performing great scholastically.


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